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Description of Scalley Lake Park Campground: Scalley Lake Park is a quiet private lake with excellent Michigan angler award fishing. Housekeeping cabins sleep 6, private beach, boat rentals, campsites and campstore.

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Traveler Reviews of Scalley Lake Park Campground

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This park is not family oriented in any way and would not recommend families with small children camp there, unless you can handle your child listening to swearing at the beach, your camp site, and basically everywhere else in the park. The bathhouses are not clean and kept up in any way, we have seen cleaner ones at a state campground. If you camp near the lake then your okay, you dont have the noise and rude people to deal with. If your young and like to party then this is the place for you to go to and camp, because it seemed like if your were drinking then everything that you have done is excusable and allowed. So therefore this is not a quite family park, nor clean, and most of all was not patrolled in anyway! Our family will never camp there again!

camping was great

we stayed for over a week two summers ago the beach and lake were great the bathrooms were clean and nice I had no problems with the place at all we do party and have a good time so we loved it here


I stayed at Scalley last Aug. and loved it,I found it peaceful, and restful. We stayed in a cabin near the lake, not my style but it was one of the older cabins and in high demand because of the location. My husband thought it was fine. The only reason I did come back this year is that I could not get the time off of work. My husband and I are doing a quick trip this Labor Day week and am looking forward to trying one of the newer mini cabins. This campground also always dogs, mine loved the place. The evenings were magnificent!

Awesome people!

Scalley lake is the greatest...wish we could afford to stay there all summer...we love the place and people are awesome...we cant wait to get back there...

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Scalley Lake Park Campground Contact Information

Scalley Lake Park Campground

Address of Scalley Lake Park Campground
5775 Scalley Lake Rd Ne,
Belding, Michigan
USA, 48809
Phone of Scalley Lake Park Campground
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